Sunday, 26 August 2012

Anzac biscuits and Bookshelves.

Today, I baked Anzac biscuits. I'd been eyeing the recipe for a few days and it finally won me over. I got the recipe from ButterBaking, an awesome and straightforward blog on baking with a huge touch of personality.

I've had a huge fear of baking cookies and cakes for as long as I remember; I think it was the fear of thinking   'what if it might not turn not right?' and if it didn't turn out right, the guilt of wasting expensive ingredients. Well, anyway, I got down to baking them early in the morning and the first batch didn't turn out to be quite right. So I crumbled them and added it back to the batter with more flour. And the remaining turned out really nicely. Already half the lot's gone. Yay! I baked biscuits! And these have got to be healthy also! 

And since today was Sunday, I was going through the paper to see if there were any furniture (bookshelves for me) listed to be sold. I've been doing this for months now. And at the last ad, I hit jackpot! Awesome dimensions, made out of wood and beautifully within my budget.  On the way back from a colleague's wedding, I checked it out. I was thrilled. I came back home and an hour later, went to collect it with my cousin and bro. My dad already warned me to check for termites and so many other stuff, and when my cousin pushed and prodded at it, he kept hinting not to buy it. Not wanting to get scolded by dad, I decided to come back later with him. Not to be. On the way back home, my cousin went on about why the bookshelf wasn't good; ended up making me realise that I had loads to learn about wood and buying and that this shelf would spoil our other furniture. Now he tells me that he's going to refer to similar situations as 'like when ri went to buy a bookshelf!'. All in all, I know next time I plan on buying something big, I'm dragging my dad or my cousin with me for opinion!

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